This is why many people opt to use our cost effective Japanese Knotweed removal service as all of these factors are included within our Japanese knotweed removal cost. We will keep your Japanese Knotweed costs as low as possible because you only pay for what you need and on occasion, we may present multiple treatment options. We would suggest between £1200-£3000 subject to the size and extent of the infestation. We would expect residential consumers to be paying £200-£600 for a report. Cookies are sent to your browser by a website, which are stored in the cookies directory on your computer. This company is outstanding. We will keep your Japanese Knotweed costs as low as possible because you only pay for what you need and on occasion, we may present multiple treatment options. Knotweed Services, can help you sell or purchase a property that has Knotweed present. This could be more than one of the Japanese Knotweed proven treatment methods such as:- Choosing the correct company will help you to buy and/or sell your property quicker and easier. The law states that we can store cookies on your machine if they are essential to the operation of this site but that for all others we need your permission to do so. Our Japanese Knotweed Management plans include detailed explanations of the different treatment or removal methods that we can provide. Management Plan via Soil removal depending on soil quantity (Including Landfill taxes) £25,000-£100,000 PLUS Our Approved Japanese Knotweed Scheme covers both Contractors and Consultants. Romsey, We can help. A Knotweed Management Plan provides the options on how we recommend your Japanese knotweed problem is solved. Japanese knotweed rhizome. Japanese knotweed is a rhizomatous plant, meaning that it has a modified stem system that grows underground (much like a tree’s roots), which can render it dormant for extended periods, making it practically invisible to the naked eye from above the system. Japanese Knotweed is a perennial plant that dies back in … Within that survey we will list all the treatment options available and their associated removal costs. Therefore by LAW, your waste must be properly disposed of with full compliance of the law because disposing of Japanese Knotweed incorrectly is actually an offense that can lead to prosecution. Japanese Knotweed grows freely in Japan and Japan doesn’t suffer from the same affects that we do here in Great Britain. To sell or buy a house with a Japanese Knotweed you will need one of our Japanese Knotweed Management Plans, or JKMP for short. We place an encrypted cookie on your computer when you select 'remember password' when logging into your account. We guarantee removal and will ensure you avoid legal action from future occupants and neighbouring properties. We track anonymized user information to improve our website. E, Some of these cookies are essential to make our site work and others help us to improve by giving us some insight into how the site is being used. Mortgage lenders will not touch property that has an untreated Japanese Knotweed infestation. Japanese Knotweed Removal Cost The average cost to remove Japanese knotweed varies, depending on the methods involved and the … Hybridization: Bohemian knotweed is a hybrid between Japanese and giant knotweed. If you require your validated KMP to satisfy a mortgage lender, we will require payment in full to release documentation. This is mainly due to the eco system there, where they have native bugs called the Aphalara Itadori that eat and control the growth of Japanese knotweed. Please call us on: 0121 725 6348 or 0800 689 4146 for a more accurate, on-the-spot estimation. EA Knotweed Code of Practice We offer a solution to your Japanese knotweed problems We are Property Care Association accredited and will quickly identify and confirm the extent and type of the infestation at your property so you can obtain the … Thank you for your excellent advice and service. 1) Get a professional Japanese Knotweed Survey and Management Plan report done A professional Japanese Knotweed Survey and Management Plan report should highlight all the issues and the costs. Japanese Knotweed Treatment Experts Invasive Weed Management LTD are experts in the treatment & removal of non-native species including Japanese Knotweed. The personal and attentive service we received was wonderful. t will save you money, time and headache! There are many other variables such as location of your infestation or its proximity to both your home or water that can have an effect on price. B48 7DJ. The use of herbicide is often the most efficient and cost effective Japanese knotweed treatment option. Japanese Knotweed Management Plan. Managing these settings is highly recommended if you share access on your computer. Our herbicide programmes are packaged within a 10-year Knotweed Management Plan (KMP), which comes with an Insurance Backed Guarantee. Would highly recommend. Have you fallen in love with your dream home or cottage? These cookies allow us to count visits and traffic sources, so we can measure and improve the performance of our site. The costs. Each management plan is tailored to our clients specific needs. Tackling the weed yourself may also hinder you from selling your property. Giving you full control of the process from the very beginning. Our all-inclusive KMP solution includes: The cost of Japanese knotweed treatment or removal depends on the area of land affected by knotweed and the future plans for the land. Type of removal service Unit of cost Cost + VAT (Range low - high) Average cost; Average cost of knotweed removal (2 days) Per project: £4,000: Small domestic : 10m2Per project: £1,000 - £1,500: £1,250: Medium domestic (20-50 m2) I would highly recommend this firm. The costs involved carrying out a survey and producing comprehensive Japanese Knotweed Management Plan are listed below. This service involves the physical excavation of contaminated soils, ideal where the discovery of Japanese Knotweed has halted property developments or extension work. The cost to treat and eradicate Japanese knotweed increases depending upon the area requiring treatment. So you can check and update your cookies settings, you need to know what browser you are using and which version. Room 5, Television House, We do not pass over any personal information to 3rd parties via our cookies. When choosing a Japanese Knotweed company you should also consider the warranty they provide, the reputation of the company and of-course the treatment costs involved. We have a 100% success rate. For Property Developers. WANT AN INSTANT COST ESTIMATE TO ERADICATE YOUR KNOTWEED PROBLEM? There is no size fits all. Take control of your infestation and put a plan together to kill Japanese knotweed once and … We specialise in both the domestic and commercial removal of Japanese Knotweed. . To reduce the risk of it returning, we may even suggest a combination of treatment methods. Japanese Knotweed Ltd does use some non-essential cookies. . As a result, approximately 850,000 to 900,000 UK households are suffering an average reduction in their home’s value of around 10%, knocking almost £20 billion (£19.8 billion) off property values. Phone: 0333 2414 413, Specialist Japanese knotweed survey, report and site plan - find out more about our, Herbicide Treatment visits - this includes treatment of high risk knotweed in neighbouring property(s), Cutting and removal of knotweed brown stems in winter, Monitoring visits (inspections for regrowth), Guarantee (commences after 2 years of no regrowth, ending 10 years from the month of instruction). E, Unit 13A Westlink, If you already know that you have Japanese Knotweed, call us on: 0121 725 6348 or 0800 689 4146, we can then give you an estimated cost immediately. This means that all waste containing Japanese Knotweed must be taken to a licensed premises where it will be properly disposed of. By Paolo Martini on 30th April 2020 (updated: 10th June 2020) in News. Damage is caused when it is left untouched and unharmed. We also have active social media accounts with lots of interaction and reviews from our customers. Without a Japanese knotweed management plan and a supporting insurance backed guarantee in place, a potential buyer would struggle to obtain a … Data reaches us via email. If you do not accept cookies, our website may not display or function correctly. Eastcote, The first thing to do is to confirm whether it is Japanese Knotweed. Excellent customer service, excellent price, excellent friendly surveyor and a speedy write up on the report which even I understood! We do not do this to track individual users or to identify them, but to gain useful knowledge about how the site is used so that we can keep improving it for our users. We charge £250 + VAT for a specialist Japanese Knotweed Report (residential properties only up to 1 acre). I called to get help with a Japanese Knotweed outbreak. *The costs outlined above are for estimate purposes only. Each treatment method will have its own associated Japanese knotweed removal costs. It starts with a knotweed survey, to establish the extent of the knotweed infestation and gives the Japanese knotweed treatment solutions available to control, monitor and eradicate the knotweed. The plant was originally introduced into Britain during the 19th century as an ornamental plant due to its pretty appearance. However, if herbicide treatment is not desirable or if the affected area is to be disturbed (e.g. The Environment Agency also states that once you find Japanese knotweed on a development site, it is essential that you set up some form of KMP. I contacted this company for an identification of a weed in my garden. Management Plans. HOW DO YOU KEEP JAPANESE KNOTWEED REMOVAL COSTS SO LOW? Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 it is an offence to plant or cause Knotweed to spread (so if you have Japanese Knotweed on your land and it spreads to a neighbour etc you can be held liable) and all waste such as any contaminated soil or cutting containing Japanese Knotweed falls under the control of part II of the environmental protection Act 1990. All ECS Japanese Knotweed management plans come complete with our 10 year warranty with the optional benefit of an insurance-backed guarantee (‘IBG’) so that the warranty remains valid even in the unlikely event of ECS ceasing to trade. The personal and attentive service we received was wonderful. Had the property surveyed and been informed there is Japanese knotweed on the land? We are professionals and we take our reputation seriously. Please contact us on 0333 2414 413, or email us on to get your personal quotation or for further information.

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