International Freight Forwarding

qHub Ocean Freight

Seamless service bringing your freight to its final destination.

Due to well- established roots in China beginning in 1997, we possess the capability to utilize our corporate resources when dealing with air and ocean import and export services. Timely updates are always provided on all cargo shipments, benefiting our customer’s peace of mind and complete information as material is shipped worldwide and across borders from shipper to receiver. We continue to grow due to our customers’ positive feedback regarding our ability to handle shipments with safety and quality expertise. Houston Freight. Ontario Freight.

International Freight Forwarding Features:

  • Vast partnerships with corporate resources enabling beyond excellent import/ export services
  • Timely customer updates with cargo shipments available at all times
  • Spurred growth due to high customer satisfaction

Your single source for all your logistics needs.

Based on the scope of work, our global network and extensive partners will customize solutions and coordinate to forward your freight to its destination in a timely manner.