Distribution Services

Operation facility at qHub Cypress

Our distribution centers primarily handle computers, televisions, communication devices, servers, storage and networking products, home appliance, packaging materials, consumer electronics, etc. Our strategic locations in Western Coast (Ontario CA), Southwest (Houston TX), and Middle West (Indianapolis IN) enable us to provide USA national distribution services with extremely low cost. Together with our hubs in EU (Rotterdam, Netherlands) and South America (Sao Paulo, Brazil), we could also provide one stop global distribution hub service for you. We have multiple existing service models, so no matter you are a big enterprise or a startup company, we could implement a new DC for you in the shortest time by leveraging our existing models.

Service Items:

Inbound Receive
Outbound Shipping
Merge Center
Sorting, Quality Control
Combination / Split
Knitting to Order
Carrier and Transportation Management
Routing Design
FedEx/UPS Shipping
Documentation / SED
Import, Export, Customs Brokerage
Track & Trace
Other Value-added Service