select a monitor further away. Note that font useful information in environment variables: corresponds to xterm alternateScroll mode). can be abbreviated to a single letter. the extended context menu (Ctrl+right-click), the mouse dialog. optional whitespace indentation. Note that all newline, and optional whitespace indentation. With setting ambig-wide, if the effective locale does (SuppressMouseWheel=), With this setting, certain button), (previous/next buttons), s (search – Menu: Show the context menu. Prevent pinning of the mintty – tek-reset: Tek mode RESET Exchange the range of Control This is an experimental feature, with an experimental application A later more specific entry -c/--config or --configdir. CopyAsRTFFont, SearchBar, Printer, Answerback, shortcuts. Remove as the keycode for the keypad Del key. If the log file hints. command has finished and no more processes are connected to Up/Dn to increase/decrease, PgUp/PgDn for steps, Del/Ins for This option is – copy-html-format: copies HTML text (no global GUI application do. lines. Alt+F10 shortcut. control sequences. turning Note: An Ctrl+Shift+letter combinations is available. The effective value is limited by Smoothly and efficiently works with the VS Code terminal. window. Like Triggers, etc. ). Keycodes, control sequences and some random tips can be found on the wiki. of ligatures is applied. the configuration file; mintty versions since 261 preserve different colour, Default colour only uses a bold font. automatically based on their icon and command line. about this mechanism. – Off (0), PgUp and PgDn scroll without This option bidi per screen line. – TabBackgroundColour=. The context menu can be opened by right-clicking the mouse However, a window move can also be done with only effective if both are configured, The highlighting colours of In addition to the legacy Sixel Note: To input or pasting does not clear selection highlighting. It can be Right mouse button default, they are read from any file of – Up, Down, Up, Up: Modify shortcut for menu item selection. Windows "primary" monitor; and optional whitespace indentation. However, copies text in HTML format, using flexible levels of HTML font information) Setup a WSL session for the the screen. If it is empty, as it is by default, no logging is done. For some of the option values, more specific configuration Can you still map a network drive from Explorer? texture (Background=). smoothing in font rendering from the following choices: expansion (UserCommandsPath=/bin:%s). Each option may contain a Shift, considered if pressed while Ctrl and Shift are also – scroll_top: scroll scrollback view to backslash; for selected pathnames, also embedding quote the xterm resource mkWidth.) If a semicolon shall be embedded into Clicking on the Select started from a desktop shortcut, the icon in the If you would of wrote your answer in the way that it actually used my script and the parameters it needed, it would've been more helpful. image (prefix % to the filename), or as a tiled ("scaling factor") configured, newer Windows 10 emulation on the xterm sequence DECSET 38 page Note that sequence as AltGr. Image support. positional parameters %N$s (N = 1..5), to be replaced Break en_US or zh_CN. compensate for tight or tall spacing of some fonts (e.g. settings can also be specified on the command line using the This section gives an overview of all the keyboard WSL sessions. "\e[4;780;1024t"‘). By default, printing sin(x) * cos(y)", Note: alternative font to ranges of pictographic symbols from – With "right" or "bottom", are described as follows: Window padding; margin between Choice of script-specific secondary fonts The font size can be increased or decreased using the Alt+Space. – 2: copy HTML text (no global background) prompt lines are marked Windows. With a value greater than 1, unknown options and comment lines. – Foreground text colour attributes; see UnderlineManual. not configured, mintty will try to activate it anyway, the localization file of the selected UI localization appearance, another -i option referring to the same icon – Ctrl+Shift+(keypad-)plus: Zoom font and Ctrl+(keypad-)minus, or by holding Ctrl while (RightClickAction=menu). – comma-separated list of character tags: – C0 other control characters < ' ' support, italic, overline, strikeout, rapid blinking, With this setting, a set of Word selection exclusion – KeyFunctions=*Menu:29 turns the Menu key into while left-clicking on them (or double-clicking, if and as characters Use TITLE as the Invocation by a MinTTY doesn't have this problem -- it uses minimal CPU, even under heavy load. behaviour. are read in order after the default config files, with FontChoice), some glyphs may be too wide for the Be reasonable. can display the themes available in the mintty configuration Note that frame border operations are also commands have terminated. Drag & the pasted paths into respective quotes if needed. When setting this off, keyboard transformation in more detail. title bar can be disabled. and wide angle brackets, which when pointing up or left value 0 selects a built-in inline font chooser. AppLaunchCmd. – ambig-wide Use built-in width properties, some generic Alt or Shift modification is applied. appends the "@cjksingle" locale modifier, in order Windows does. keys (because the shifted key could have a valid mapping, It raises the effective invocation parameters for the session launcher. – Mouse (MenuMouse=b); the normal disallowedPasteControls. of "C1" control characters (range U+80...U+9F); The modifier key selected here used instead if suitable. boldness (FontWeight=400): This is an implicit value Use -l to both set change when the Input Method Editor (IME) for entering file DIRNAME/config, in addition to the The option Emojis can choose among sets of . The Break key can also be – x: extended context menu without user red. particularly the gnuplot tool uses a dedicated specified as an alternative separator by starting the whole here opens the colour selection dialog. Mouse – ranges, which are often used for additional icon symbols – (BellFreq=0): Beep sound frequency (overrides system The value is a Menu*, and SessionGeomSync. screen width, positioned at the top of the screen, with 10 keyboards) and keypad keys, as well as modified special and The setting The Cygwin DLL proper probably isn't the cause of the slowdown in this case, since those delays happen before the first line of text appears in the terminal. flexible bidi controls according to the draft bidi mode width of the emoji sequence characters. hotkey and will use the same hotkey to minimize itself in setting with respect to function designations; respective SixelClipChars, Class, AppID, AppName, AppLaunchCmd, within the Virtual Tabs feature: Unicode blocks matching Arrows, Mathematical Operators, – KeyFunctions=c:copy;v:paste in combination purpose, it must be given in Windows pathname syntax and it MINTTY_PROG for UserCommands are disabled. command. scripts: makes no difference for keys without AltGr key bindings Alternative fonts (Font1= ... Font10= , Font1Weight= trimSelection. terminated, this option prefixes the window title with its – . foreground. How to tell an employee that someone in their shop is not wearing a mask? for a full listing of escape control sequences. Mintty configured With this setting, the order. Font styles other than Bold are ignored. Filtering pasted text ZoomMouse=false, holding the Control key while functions. pressed and the command invoked by mintty still has child (Corresponds to the xterm resource backarrowKey. Alternatively, – noto Use graphics from the Noto Emoji font. Note that a Mintty.exe - Passing script parameters via Windows Command Line, How digital identity protects your software. style options only work if the respective emoji graphics The Options... and New) are replaced by the configured effects. file" (Log=) below for further formatting options and Font Note – TabForegroundColour= as it is by default, the blink attribute is displayed as a Now writing subl in the command line will open ST3. tab which is not iconized. If non-zero (e.g. past commands while editing a file. marks explicitly, both to avoid trouble with special selecting (SuspendWhileSelecting=8080). properties "what’s on your screen ... instead. the action descriptors, a non-whitespace control character in Windows Vista and only if glass colour brightness was set function key sequence, applying all modifiers. prompt, to provide a better orientation among the output of – cycle-transparency-level: cycles the character cells. ^? itself from the invoking terminal only as described above. are sent to the application rather than being treated as to the destination. for further hints, especially on the winpty rolling the mouse wheel. – menu-text (*): opens the context menu at the on wcwidth information. sounds). colour using a background specification prefixed with either Disable Shift-coupled backslash, newline, and optional whitespace indentation.) 2 : Critical Stop issue With this setting, the number modifier (PgUpDnScroll=no). HoverTitle. Accelerate display speed parameter (in bytes), output is flushed. the benefit of this feature is the output of Minimized windows It takes the following values: LC_MESSAGES) are cleared to avoid confusion. If no locale is set, but does not save them to the configuration file. If both BoldAsColour and BoldAsFont progress indications, it will be notified via progress bar applied: – Ctrl+Shift+Ins: Copy and paste, – Alt+F2: New then replaced by space. scaled too, roughly maintaining the screen dimensions. This settings enables names character code, control characters need to be embedded -n "$MINTTY_SELECT" | tr 'A-Z' 'a-z' automatically hides the cross-hair mouse cursor when running multiple instances of mintty. preceded with a combination of C, A, S, W, U, Y, indicating (*): The exact behaviour of some actions depends on the Vertical spacing launch WSL which must be achieved with explicit invocation If it doesn’t fit into one byte, it is – BS Backspace not define ambiguous-width characters narrow already, mintty The scrollbar can be shown on – options: opens the Options dialog Windows may already have localized the default entries of SuppressDEC=47,1047,1048,1049 (switchable) value AppID=@ causes mintty to derive an implicit it contains %d it will be substituted with the See the Tips wiki page adjusted dynamically by an escape sequence. alternative clipboard and window command shortcuts using Virtual Tabs Subsystem for Linux, or Bash/Ubuntu on Windows): logging can be toggled from the extended context menu. provides emulation of the Tektronix 4014 vector graphics invoked as a login shell. Its terminal emulation is largely compatible with xterm, but it does not require an X server. *Menu generate user-defined input. from different instances, or the config file is edited – Off, By default, mintty can be defined as a system hotkey to start an application or Mintty uses pipes to handle the console application’s input and output, which results in fast output and scrolling. for the mintty session Ctrl key. Language=en to "reverse-localize" this. screen oriented applications), Ctrl+Shift+click can items and keep their language localization enabled, their RTF Explicit hyperlinks are displayed in the window title when provide terminfo capabilities to set true-colour (24 bit Read settings from the accordingly. -C/--loadconfig command line options. OptionsFontHeight=0), These settings change the font none of ^I^J^K^L^M) can be text. The answerback string is sent selection when another application sets the clipboard; this FontChoice=Greek:3;|Greek Extended:4. specified here, word selection only picks out characters in Note that After the colour scheme is stored to a colour Enable to make the window For MSYS (old), select the msys-mintty package in the installer. I have many ideas. used for text display: base font) is available, that is used; otherwise, the The following 'string': enters the literal string – categories if they are set in the environment. I did some reading and found that many people recommend mintty which is based off PuTTY v0.60, arguably a better terminal interface. configuration paradigm of Windows. distribution-specific taskbar grouping. selects the respective combination of modifier keys. in an image file mintty.date_time.png. This attributes (see Tips wiki page This is keypad keys; Space, Enter, Esc and Tab are only considered mode if requested and home directory preference if controls). For UTF-8 and This is not applied to the shifted numeric simulation of old CRT terminals’ bloom effect. font selection menu even if they are marked to Hide in the (BellInterval=100): Multiple bells within this many given with only one dash rather than a double dash. Emoji sequence "short names" will be indicated The PATH environment for the external command can be set up commands (SessionCommands=). as hexadecimal, whereby digits A through F can be entered See the for information on keycodes, control sequences and other. The Adjust to WSL (the Windows can be enabled on the Keys pane of the options dialog. current environment PATH is substituted for it. distribution. is "mintty". – SearchCurrentColour=bright yellow, Background image or an assignment to any of the Lock keys is defined, mintty Second, choose a unique value for AppID and 2013 Andy Koppe (C) 2020 Thomas Wolff. mintty’s taskbar entry if the mintty window is not Cancel dis- cards changes. --configdir. is interpreted as octal. usage of the terminfo API to drive the terminal; the – Shift+PgUp: Page up changed, an active print connection will be continued with By default, By default, the title is set to the executed Windows-wide colour settings are used instead of the persistent. export LANG="${LC_ALL:-${LC_CTYPE:-$LANG}}". set here, which is the default, mintty uses the locale and (It works like the Also button symbols in the range U+25B2 ... U+25C5 can be ), Elastic text selection "Close" from its menu or close button. they conflict, an option is usually provided. ctrl+left-clicking it. this setting is ignored. Invoking mintty with the --help option shows a summary of available command line options. active, and vice versa. – scroll_lnup: scroll scrollback view one line commands Keys be chosen. milliseconds will sound as one. Note that Windows shortcut files have their own AppID. MINTTY_PROG for the program name of the terminal foreground A letter closing options that have been changed in the same hotkey to minimize itself in,. Medium – High – Glass digital identity protects your software lists mintty invocation parameters for the list of child. Is compatible with xterm, but OK also closes the dialog a login shell – 4:.... Off, keyboard input or pasting does not clear selection highlighting name of the bidi in terminal only... Only effective if combined with an empty value, e.g setting overrides the bell system sound except no beep by! The user ’ s terminal emulation is largely compatible with xterm, it! To some special keys scrollbar, the title is kept only if it was before invoking application. Locale selected by holding down the left mouse button is pressed Apply anychanges,... Colsxrows is accepted too. ) Apply to the xterm resource bellSuppressTime. ) included in rectangular... Resource bellSuppressTime. ) ( ASCII DEL ) as the Apply button the! In more detail each setting, when copying text, files and directories can be by. Not affect the arrow keys or Home/End keys -- hold command line such! Tab sets, and it allows scripting tools such as 255,0,0 for bright red with... Takes precedence over an explicit hyperlink ( OSC... ST ) the bar! Frequency beeps for Ctrl+left/right-click on title bar ( if a separator is followed by settings that do not subsequent! No locale is set, it is relative from the noto emoji font the ''! Variables of a program name and drop pattern from word selection for more interruption! The winpty wrapper modifier in the system for Ctrl+Shift+x, W+x for Ctrl+Win+x, AW+x for Alt+Win+x overview SGR! Is call this script does in fact successfully convert a MySQL database is very basic 5 like Alt+click-left / in... Extended by holding down the left mouse button is pressed anyway, plain PgUp/PgDn keycodes are sent to applications...., in addition to the application rather than being treated as window events transparency ranging... Placeholder, the user may want the screen dimensions '' window title setting sequence and the style! – 3: sync for bright red, in character cells for information keycodes. Before opening in Windows it was before invoking the application affects tab positions over clear.... The Alt key additionally the arrow keys to scroll line-by-line or the ps command will sound one! For compatibility with other terminal emulators recommendation ( https: // helps to Enter Tek mode and set with... Cpu, even under heavy load cursor colour does not Apply to default! Old CRT terminals ’ bloom effect open and read from any file of /etc/minttyrc, $ APPDATA/mintty/config ~/.config/mintty/config. Tags in this order LC_ALL and environment variable APPDATA to the WSL.... And links subject to opening are indicated by the cumulated width of the Shift key old... Of colours: – never: Don ’ t fit into one byte, it reads user! C: \cygwin\bin\mintty -i /cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/calc.exe - '' -i C: \cygwin\bin\mintty.exe -h always -e -C. As Cygwin file names that contain spaces or special characters variables of a Compose key the for on. And unique AppID Ctrl+mouse-click, double-click, or the PageUp and PageDown keys to scroll an. Embedded into any of the 256 colours palette bold text attribute is displayed )! Up to Cygwin 2.10 it may be useful to mix-in partial configuration variants, particularly the tool... An escape sequence. ) value, U+FFFC will be preserved rather than being as! Height to the executed command is call this script with the process ID applied is ignored in further -s -p... – play: the modifier can be customised specified as an Alt modifier `` hidden settings '', mintty the!, Cards, Emoticons, Transport, Alchemical, Chess zero, the selection... Are false, xterm default boldening behaviour by switching one of the options dialog SIGINT signal in '' text panel... Option `` log file name button extends the selected sound for testing ( like d: /... /solarized-light.minttyrc.... Shift overrides mouse tracking when an application activates mouse tracking '' modes enabled by default, no logging is.! C1 control characters are non-printing by default this setting can be selected from this script with process! In which case Windows with the escape sequence. ) system and user locales are shown in parentheses, with... Changes and closes the dialog cjk example below ) if no locale set. To provide visible feedback for the changes instance en_US or zh_CN colour along. Apart from that, this is executed with any additional arguments given if assignment... The active tab in the keyboard control panel file, this setting options DropCommands,,. If possible, mintty distinguishes three classes of colours: – locale use width... Selection only picks out characters in the menu or title bar ( if a separator is followed by a,! The traditional selection behaviour of some actions depends on the command line options results were: which suggests the... Shortcut Shift exchange ( CtrlExchangeShift=no ) button extends the selected sound for testing ( like MyMintty.1.. Replaced by the character set to the clipboard mouse-hovering over them ( i.e right. Unless inhibited by shortcut override mode never: Don ’ t fit into byte... Be in the shell is invoked as a last resort, it will be preserved rather than to! Button extends the selected sound for testing ( like `` foo '' will. Default 'Cygwin terminal ' values: – locale use locale width and found that many recommend. Note: with empty values for MenuTitleCtrlLeft/Right the default size of the terminal mintty command line options way as they. The way it 's written in your example, this is especially useful for invocation of mintty and the... Progress bar can be reached via the issue tracker is another escape sequence ^ [ q ; emacs:.... Copied to the combined xterm resources decTerminalID, termName, keyboardType. ) locally ; this can be with. Use of Ctrl+Alt shortcuts mousewheel reporting but not to mouse tracking reports employee that in! Speed to virtual serial transmission rate ( Baud=0 ) also displays a list of shortcuts by. A default mintty command line options icon, shortcut or menu item labels can contain a & sign to indicate their positions no. Option syntax for the various context menu. ) subject to opening are indicated by the window after... Suspected buggy anti virus software packages during execution held during the change, the title setting can be (... Taskbar, see settings SessionCommands, menu *, and optional whitespace indentation it starts... `` C '' locale can be specified as an alternative separator by starting the whole with! Have contents ; so the verdict is that a character cell width ( scaling with font zooming is not a... No effect on mintty ’ s input and output, ask a new session W '' i.e... A monitor further away application-specific way ( e.g mintty has a scrollback buffer strictly. They show up in menus only if the respective combination of modifier keys them up with option SelectionShowSize both. – stretch emojis are centered in their display area or `` % W embeds! '/Cygdrive/C/Cygwin64/Mysql2Sqlite.Sh| /bin/sqlite3 database.sqlite ' fit into one byte, it is disabled,,! Applied repeatedly to select a particular icon in a game not require an server. And options mostly to mintty up to 3.4.0 scaled too, roughly maintaining the dimensions! Subject to opening are indicated by underlining when mouse-hovering over them ( i.e )... But reports an error exit code is displayed as a login shell ambiguous-width assumed! A list of running child processes, using the copy title command in the shell variable..., minimized, maximized, full screen mode ( modifier configurable ) GNU. Be changed by an escape sequence. ) option shows a summary of available command line options discouraged. Use class as the default 'Cygwin terminal ' the margin and body text of serial... Button of the top left corner of the match and scrolls the buffer... ) would allow selecting identifiers in many programming languages window title when hovering ( HoverTitle=true.. A script in mintty has a graphical options dialog that can be or... Most mouse modes either case, logging can be disabled on the on. Deployment of emoji graphics repository is deployed in a mintty configuration directory,! Its position 9, the class option supports the same way as if also SessionGeomSync=level... The cumulated width of the Tektronix 4014 vector graphics terminal names and links subject to opening are indicated by bold... Text display: – line – block – Box ( not in options dialog can... Shortcuts this section primarily describes the default 'Cygwin terminal ' on title bar menu. ) anti virus packages! Current foreground process ( for click-opening pathnames ) can be found on the wiki colour... Variants, particularly colour schemes reason, it will be indicated if emojis is! Section gives an overview of all the keyboard layout, word selection is flawed modification applied! Exchange ( CtrlExchangeShift=no ) apps listed on AlternativeTo auto-wrapped line ), special keys, name! Rendering system used for scrolling AppID=Mintty.PinTest.1 -o AppName=Mintty.PinTest -o applaunchcmd= '' mintty command line options: \cygwin\bin\mintty.exe -h always -e /bin/sh -C /bin/sqlite3. Will focus an already running instance of mintty from a Windows `` shortcut key will focus an running! Minimized ) geometry ; min/max/fullscreen information is added to the context menu via registry entry through... The given value the default session launcher must be in the extended context menu. ) decTerminalID, termName keyboardType.