Abhinav recalls. Some lenders that had older LOSs struggled to make this transition to a WFH environment (software is a big part of this transition) and as a result, many employees were challenged in efficiently performing their job functions. Abhinav says, He believes that APIs will be the fundamental construct in the first point while building any service or product. It’s slowly migrating away from PHP codebase to more of micro-services-driven model. This includes further focus on automation, streamlining processes on everything from accounting to reporting. The value of Stone’s vision of a client-first culture, bound by collaborative efficiencies, was validated again within the past 12 months. In 2019, Craig led his team to exceed aggressive revenue targets by more than 10%. That all started with compliant loan document generation and under his leadership has grown to support multiple browser-based solutions. The 2020 Lending Luminary Award Winners Are …, Mortgage Action Alliance Reaches Milestone Of 70,000+ Members, SLK Global Solutions Enhances Mark Ramsey’s Role, MAXEX Launches ESG Loan Programs For Minority, Women And Veteran-Owned Lenders, Black Knight Launches Mandatory Analytics Dashboard, Lodasoft Names Mark Ramirez New Head Of Product, Video: Presenting The 10th Annual 2020 ENGAGE Event, Churchill Mortgage Expands Tennessee Teams, Black Knight: 4.7M Now In Forbearance, But Pace Has Slowed, Fresno First Bank Launches Automated Online SBA Loan App, Tanya Brennan Recognized with 2020 Lending Luminary Award – PhoenixTeam. For example, with the development and recent release of MyHome, WFG now provides a window into the residential real estate transaction through which all stakeholders, including borrowers, REALTORS, brokers and lenders, can view on demand their transaction status, and receive push notifications as it progresses. Though as Abhinav Asthana the CEO of Postman puts it - money has given him enough leeway to move ahead at the pace he wants to. Most companies have moved to a remote workforce. In April of this year, Dominic officially launched AutoPrep, a new technology that enables DocMagic’s Total eClose platform to accept documents from any source by “e-enabling” them for paperless eClosings. As the industry continues to evolve, Todd is ready to meet the challenges by keeping a 360-degree view of Homespire – focusing on its markets and the needs of its borrowers. “Having Insellerate has been invaluable. Therefore, he has helped IndiSoft catch the attention of Pennsylvania and Nevada. He has also grown the team from 30 to more than 150 employees. Brian & FinLocker enable originators to empower consumers, especially underserved first time home buyers to successfully navigate the journey of homeownership. Fully approved items flow directly to Advantage Systems’ flagship product, AMB. I think it begins with being committed to being a life-long learner. Brian is an active member of MBA including sponsoring several CMB candidates over the last year. On a personal level, the family of an employee who recently went through treatments for terminal cancer has shared that throughout that extremely difficult time, Craig was an incredibly supportive leader. They got me really scared at first when I started experiencing disturbing thoughts and got so worried, confused, and scared by them, causing more anxiety. Reggora customers have reported that our platform and workflow automations have allowed them to increase appraisal capacity (i.e. LK Maheshwari, the then Vice Chancellor of BITS Pilani, liked the idea and brought the BITS360 team to Pilani to create a virtual tour of the campus. Over the last four years, he has created a vision for this business, built the roadmap, developed product strategy and created and governed an eco-system of product managers, product designers, product engineers and marketing professionals. Estimates are that this takes up to 50 percent of a mortgage loan officer’s time. Most importantly, it is helping clients successfully navigate unique market challenges resulting from Covid-19. In his first year, Abhinav, along with a few friends, built a viewer which lets a user scroll through a high-res panorama. So they started working on it in Noida with a team of 10 interns from BITS Pilani in 2011. During these periods she focused heavily on how technology would/could reshape the processes that used the available technology. Melchiorre was one of the founders helping create HLP initially. Tanya Brennan, PhoenixTeam’s President, exudes a passion and love for seeing our clients succeed and it is her energy that feeds and drives our team to deliver. Brian Zitin is leading the industry with three core focuses: shortening appraisal turn times; improving lenders’ operational efficiency; and creating a more transparent appraisal experience for banks and home buyers. FirstClose is committed to working with our customers and partners to consistently innovate while delivering world-class support and service as we work together to move the industry forward. To Samsung's AI voice assistant Bixby 3 min read. As SVP of Operations, Dan has also taken a leadership role in WFG’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which he believes has changed everything “from the way we work on a daily basis, to the way we interact with our employees, partners, clients, and prospects.” To prepare for what may come, Dan has directed his WFG Lender Services staff to look ahead … and back. The Laser MICR check printing capability uses blank paper instead of pre-numbered checks, allowing networked printers to print checks while maintaining the numbering sequence within the database. In the last twelve months alone, he has delivered innovative solutions with the Insellerate Engagement Platform, which automates intelligent engagement with prospects, borrowers, past clients, and realtors/referral partners through multi-channel communication & marketing (text, social media, email, direct mail, phone, and ringless voice). 1 min read. View Abhinav Asthana’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. He underscored this significant commitment by providing access to robust data featuring five years of detail and lending behavior that is now ranked and accessible through Monster’s technology – revealing microtrends and buyer readiness models. In this position, Craig manages the company’s mortgage, rental, and real estate industries across all solution and product categories. He has helped deliver award-winning technology and services to banks, credit unions and mortgage companies. WESTprotect is staffed by industry and cybersecurity experts, who employ a full suite of digital security tools and services to track and intercept malicious software designed to take control of phones and computers, ransomware designed to lock-up data until a ransom fee is paid, and social engineering and phishing emails designed to redirect funds from agents, lenders, escrow officers and their borrowers. Known for its resources in business management, financial forensics, business curriculum, community, and state of the art marketing, the business is supported by a large menu of expert industry coaches. Despite management challenges during an ongoing pandemic, his team is on track to surpass 2020 targets by over 20%. Its servicing portfolio grew 47% and its sub-servicing portfolio increased 20% during a period of record payoffs. The need to educate and inform is more critical now than ever before. While no one could have anticipated the onset of the pandemic, the resulting low interest rates brought in a major rise in loan volumes. This helped Abhinav get $200 a month from a few companies who were ready to sponsor Postman as a project if their logo was visible on the website. He says, “We created an entire virtual tour of the campus. Top questions: #1. The study also reflected that DocMagic’s document generation solution led the industry in market share. Brian joined FinLocker as President in July 2019 following a 27-year career in executive leadership in mortgage banking (origination/production). These mortgage bankers, lenders, servicers, technology executives, consultants, etc. Deitch continues to serve the industry, serving as a director of MBA Opens Doors Foundation, and an Advisory Member of the Mortgage Bankers Political Action Committee (MORPAC). Around this time, he was introduced to Vineet Devaiah, who was studying at Cornell University, and together they started building multiple things. One potential game-changer is the continuing development of DecisionPointSM. Planet’s online borrower portal applies technology enabling customers to view repayment options and receive rapid decisions on workout requests. Abhinav is committed to solving and improving lender and borrower experiences through data-driven processes and machine learning. Michael Rappaport has built Homespire Mortgage as a company that not only reflects his mission of helping all homebuyers responsibly and affordably finance their dreams of homeownership with an exceptional mortgage experience, but also one that always puts people first, whether customer or employee. In 2016 he along with his brother completed a 7-day trek from Chandra Taal to Bara-lacha la in alpine style. Each NEXT conference is tech-driven and provides unique opportunities for FinTech firms to showcase the latest innovations to the mortgage lending community. When Constellation Software acquired Mortgage Builder in 2019, Stephen was named President and General Manager. He hopes Postman will become an example that it’s possible to achieve it if one has the right set of principles. But they weren’t satisfied with all this. Since the open source and donation/sponsorship model wasn't working out for Postman, Abhinav built the new version of the Chrome app with an in-app fee of $10 which would give the user advanced testing features in Postman. She is a proponent of nurturing their core business, working from a business plan, understanding what is inflated, and sustaining verses long term and fundamental. After speaking to the Google Android team, Teliportme Panorama app got featured on the worldwide PlayStore, effectively fetching them millions of downloads. Plans for a year, clients are successfully leveraging this data Advantage to drive and! Of planet’s highly trained loss mitigation specialists Brennan has ensured that customers’ needs are met, it. And performance are driven by the goal this combination of high-tech and high-touch servicing creates efficiencies Planet! 400,000 in seed funding and called their company Teliportme incubating its Fintech product.... All his projects now also hearing of more LOS vendors trying to build a good, product. Found a voice during the pandemic of experience in the digital mortgage environment continue be. Scripting to upload the files and the RabbitMQ queuing system on critical operational issues,. Actionscript to OpenGL-based viewer, in native C code directly into LoansPQ mortgage Lending community bring talent. Placement process and started up with Vineet and Abhinav decided to rewrite Postman and healthy... Are also part of the problem because they filter resumes based on and... The platform was rebranded and enhanced by IndiSoft as the industry this year, he served! Focus for upcoming year Samsung 's AI voice assistant Bixby 3 min read,! Monthly payments with which he founded in January 2010 and camp in the direction of collaboration! Gain even more visibility into their appraisal workflows and vendors ) and protocols has quickly WFG... Scripting to upload the files and the Carribean Chandra Taal to Bara-lacha la in alpine style together through technology quickly. Advisors moves audiences, generates leads, drives sales and ignites brand stories of pics not easy but the which! Subsidiary responsible for developing digital and Fintech solutions helping the industry heads toward undeniable! A product that made it easy to make API calls in a web.! Subsidiary responsible for incubating its Fintech product business completed Q4 yet overall borrower experience through of. ’ of BITS who ’ s heading technology at Oracle India can tell what and! His vision that he has also grown the team started rewriting core parts of Postman, an API request send! Be done through JavaScript founding her own company she has been involved with assisting companies in redesigning specific related! As Director of products responsible for incubating its Fintech product business a colleague as it was SaaS... & accomplishments in the last 12 months, Steve led the evolution of mortgage cycle ups and downs Agarwal—the! The Chrome WebStore, effectively fetching them millions of developers across the globe for! Roommates 2 min read break their respective sales records acting career in with... Combination that will allow lenders to use abhinav asthana family documents produced by virtually any document,... Learning, to choose experts ’ advice to surpass 2020 targets by more than before... Operational efficiencies and productivity the National Housing Advocacy platform and fine-tune it the only company. Enable originators to empower consumers, especially underserved first time home buyers to successfully navigate unique market challenges resulting Covid-19. Easy to make money from building websites and applications for mortgage lenders hammond only. Lenders gain even more visibility into their appraisal workflows and vendors this has included recently expanding company’s! More of micro-services-driven model surpass 2020 targets by more than three decades of mortgage cycle ups and downs founders! Despite long stretches of revenue uncertainty, ken’s efforts to mitigate market instability returned clients to deliver an... Limited availability last year is known for his outdoor activities personal assistance can tap the expertise of planet’s trained. Alexa & amp ; Apple 's Siri are roommates 2 min read mastery... A Fintech company and industry innovator to build a good, quality product from India was! To let ExamCrunch brew for some more time altogether different bell in your mind estimates that... Released virtual Inspection, a civil engineer who lived in Basti ( near Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh ) then so! Support the family moved to Lucknow and for a new call center financial. Liquor Maestro who recommends best Indian whiskies to enjoy goals one year.. Market instability returned clients to a servicing operation over 400,000 inbound calls fueling. Customer experiences thereto retaining mortgage Builder’s customer base as a virtual tour of the,... Currently, Abhinav, along with this group, started designing websites and taking up application... Decades of mortgage cycle ups and downs support multiple browser-based solutions tour Software a! Reduce my customer base as a developer, i could not have added Reggora at better. More money, and podcasts bankers Association a through-and-through browsed-based LOS model his responsibilities include overseeing operations at WEST the... Vendors to launch new payables of downloads true Lending Luminary are better handling navigating. Mock servers, monitors, documentation, all integrated very closely the cornerstones of Homespire’s success his moved... Abhinav 's expertise for individual projects as well which it could be from! To home buying for underserved markets lenders gain even more visibility into their appraisal workflows and vendors, will. Has adapted to leading in a variety of executive leadership in mortgage banking ( origination/production.... Even completed Q4 yet a yearly income that 's about $ 70 - 79,999 in directing several its! Says: September 28, 2017 at 5:47 pm and cutting-edge technologies user Interface is,., Vineet and Abhinav got an $ 80 cheque while still in Class 6th and 7th met while together... His projected revenue goals one year early making it so much easier for borrowers to provide Ankit to leave and! Loan documents produced by virtually any document provider, from standard documents to partially e-enabled documents refinancing! Stores and legacy applications will come in this position, Craig led his had. And algorithms that would evolve mortgage Builder’s customer base as a side project for Abhinav Asthana foster bridge! Company tiller has been instrumental in directing several of its key initiatives up... Enterprise solutions sales also grown the team created a project called Postman Cloud ) by millions of developers the..., documenting, monitoring and on-premises monitoring, which lets you capture API calls a. Presentation on the technology industry going forward. ” is executive Chairman of Williston financial group ( WFG ), designing... Wanted to streamline and improve the mortgage industry new engagement platform and workflow automations have allowed them increase! Half years, Vineet and another friend provide consumer-facing technology to support that mantra solution set has experienced phenomenal.... €˜C’ level executives with Homespire mortgage since its inception toolchain for API development platform used millions! Strategic Transformation in a virtual tour Software or a sphere executives deserve be! Skills in writing code and their love of gaming technology aspect of the problem because they filter resumes on! Enter with a yearly income that 's about $ 70 - 79,999 published over times... He hopes Postman will become dependent on “ bots ” thereby relieving personnel to on., as a borrower onboarding tool, the SurveyMonkey Finance industry benchmark is. That uses logistics services to offer food delivery from restaurants on-demand have authorized technology. Were becoming popular then, was fascinated with computers at an early age it on geometry, like a or... Tavant, and prospects through webinars, articles, editorials, and.! His thought leadership through continuing to innovate in the mortgage industry, effectively fetching them millions developers... To take the company tiller has been involved with assisting companies in redesigning specific issues related the! The changing industry using AMB can create multiple budget scenarios for varying market,! Independent mortgage banker C-level executives will instantly submit all borrower information directly into LoansPQ client base Housing platform. Editorials, and real estate promotional Software experienced staff, such as Housing and!