Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Family/Medical Leave (FMLA) Health and Safety (OSHA) Labor Laws (NLRA) Leave Laws. Mass Layoffs (WARN) Meals and Breaks. An exception to this occurs in mining, manufacturing and occupations where the minimum age requirement of 18 years old applies. Most North Carolina labor laws for breaks are listed in Statute 95-25.5—located in the link. Fact Sheets and FAQs The Federal Department of Labor's agricultural child labor laws apply, and North Carolina's general child labor regulations may also apply in some scenarios. YOUR RIGHT TO paid leave, unemployment insurance, and safe work Paid Leave (until Dec. 31, 2020) Emergency Leave You are entitled to 10 business days or 80 hours of paid leave related to COVID-19, in addition to any leave provided by your employer, if you work for a public employer or an employer with fewer than 500 employees (including employers that are franchises). The Fair Labor Standards Act's (FLSA) minimum age requirements do not apply to minors employed by their parents, or by a person acting as their guardian. Although North Carolina does not require meal periods for adult employees, separate state regulations define required meal and/or break periods for minor employees under age 18. Overtime. Fourteen is the same age that federal law sets as the minimum age to work, although there are some exceptions. You can begin working in North Carolina when you're 14 years old, but you must have a child employment certificate to do so. Mailing Address 1101 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-1101. Learn more about North Carolina's child labor … State Child Labor Laws — links to state employment laws which also regulate the employment of young workers. N.C. Department of Labor Physical Address 4 West Edenton St. Raleigh, NC 27601. of Workforce Solutions FAQs. Disability Discrimination (ADA) Discrimination Laws. Note: North Carolina Has Special Regulations for Minor Employees. These minors can only work in non-manufacturing, non-mining, and non-hazardous jobs. 95-25.5).There are many exceptions to these requirements; however, depending upon the type of work that is done, the season, the time of school … Minimum Wage. State child labor law distinguishes among minors according to age, type of occupation, day and nighttime work, and number of hours worked (NC Stat. 1-800-NC-LABOR Sec. North Carolina does not have any regulations limiting agricultural child labor within the state that apply to minors working in the agricultural industry, such as minors working as farm hands, harvesting fruit or vegetables, etc. NC Labor Laws: Breaks for Minors. The Department of Labor is committed to helping young workers find those positive and early employment experiences that can be so important to their development, but the work must be safe. Federal labor laws primarily refer to children under 16 years of age. Employment / Age Certification. Minimum Wage for Tipped Employees. Payday Requirements. You can obtain an employment certificate from the Department of Labor or your county's Social Services office. Child Labor Bulletin No. North Carolina labor laws require an employer to pay overtime to employees, unless otherwise exempt, at the rate of 1½ times the employee’s regular rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a workweek. NC Dept. NC labor laws for breaks are different for minors under the age of 18, and some of these regulations are discussed in the section below. (Revised December 2016) This Fact Sheet provides general information about the Federal youth employment provisions applicable to nonagricultural occupations.Different standards apply to farm work.. In North Carolina, workers under age 18 are considered minors for purposes of employment. Children who are 14 and 15 may only work outside school hours - and this is defined as public school hours (8:30 A.M. till 3:00 P.M. or whatever the local state's hours are). Child Labor Laws. 102 — Describes the occupational and hours limitations for agricultural employment for minors.